Pool Installation 
Having installed hundreds of pools, we are the National Capital Region’s #1 residential swimming pool builder. We help you to select the size, shape and type of pool that works best for you. We will do what it takes to deliver the pool of your dreams.

Pool Service

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For pool openings, pool closings, pool repairs, regular maintenance or vacation visits, count on us to provide unmatched service. Our technicians listen to your concerns and care for your pool as if it is their own.

Caring for Your Pool

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Why bring a water sample from your pool to our store location to get it tested? A water test will tell you the levels of your alkalinity, pH, chlorine, stabilizer, calcium, metals, and salt - indicating whether or not levels should be adjusted. It is important to clean your salt cell at the beginning of every pool season for optimal performance. To keep your pool looking clean it is a necessity to clean your filters using filter cleaner; soaking your filters in the cleaning solution will break down material that has compacted in the grooves. If you have a sand filter make sure to backwash when the pressure gauge indicates a 7-10 lbs. increase over normal operating pressure.

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Hot Tubs 
 Need that special place to relax once the kids are in bed? We carry both Be Well Canada and Equinox hot tubs along with steps, umbrellas and other hot tub accessories. If you have water chemistry questions or are in need of spa chemicals, our staff will be able to assist you in caring for your hot tub and protecting your investment. 

Pool Toys & Accessories 
Our store offers a wide selection of pool floaties and toys that provide hours of enjoyment. We also have goggles, snorkeling kits, paddle boards, and much more.

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