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Our Dedicated Property Maintenance Team works hard so you don’t have to!

Lawn Maintenance (Weekly)

One weekly lawn care visit, up to 25 visits a season. Each visit will include:

Removal of debris/garbage from all lawn areas as per contract 

Mowing all lawn areas as per contract to a height of 3”

Trimming the grass next to walkways, foundations,etc.

Blowing grass clippings and debris clear from walkways, patios,etc.

Heat waves and or long periods of drought in the summer months can lead to lawns going dormant and cease growing. In this situation, the lawns may not be mowed either because the lawn has not grown in height since the previous visit or mowing the lawn will cause damage to the lawn. Properties with a functioning lawn irrigation system generally are not affected by periods of drought or heat waves and therefore would be exempt from this situation.  

Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration helps to improve compacted soil allowing air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.

Topdressing & Over-seeding

Topdressing & Over-seeding is a service that can be done any time throughout the growing season; however, the most optimal times for application are in the Spring and Fall. The process includes applying ¼ to ½ inch of Triple Mix soil or compost to the lawn areas and applying grass seed. Annual over-seeding of lawns helps to create a thick lawn which discourages the growth of weeds, replenishes nutrients and maintains proper soil structure.

Lawn Fertilizer Applications

Fertilizer applications are priced per application. It is recommended to apply a minimum of two fertilizer applications during the growing season, once in early Spring and once in the Fall. We use an all-purpose fertilizer that is suitable for use on all types of lawns.

“Spring Lawn Dethatching”.

Spring Dethatching is recommended for all lawn areas. This service is either done using a hand rake and/or a dethatching machine. Dethatching removes the lawn thatch (build-up of decomposing organic material), winter debris, and remaining grit left from snow piles. 

Spring Garden Clean-up

The Spring Garden Clean-up includes: 

Cutting back any perennials that were not done the previous Fall 

Cultivating the soil (if mulch is absent) 

Removal of weeds 

Pruning of ornamental shrubs and small trees 

Removal of any debris/garbage from garden beds 

Spring Sweeping (Commercial Only)

Sweeping of parking lots and walkways is done in the Spring. The process includes clearing winter debris and grit from walkways, curb edges and curb corners with a back pack blower and using a street sweeping truck to remove winter debris and grit from parking lots and roadways. 

Garden Maintenance 

Garden maintenance is offered on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Each Garden Maintenance visit will include: 
Cultivating the soil (if mulch is absent ) Removal of weeds Dead-heading of perennial flowers (as needed) Pruning of ornamental shrubs and small trees (as needed) Removal of any debris/garbage from garden beds 

Garden Mulch per application

Garden mulch is priced per application. The process includes applying a 3” layer of Composted Pine Bark mulch to the garden beds as per contract. Composted Pine Bark mulch is highly recommended; it is dark brown in colour fading to a medium brown colour and offers a natural appearance. If the client would prefer a different style of mulch, we can accommodate to suit the client’s requests. 

Soil Amendment per application

Soil Amendment is priced per application. We use organic garden fertilizers. The type used is determined based on availability and/or the client’s preference. The three types of organic garden fertilizers offered are: aged sheep manure, aged cow manure, or mushroom compost. Aged sheep manure is highly recommended. All three options are free from any unpleasant odors. It is possible to add organic garden fertilizer to garden beds that are mulched. The process would include: raking the existing mulch off the garden beds, then applying the organic garden fertilizer, and finally raking the existing mulch back onto the garden beds. 

Fall Leaf Clean-up

Fall Leaf Clean-ups are done using a combination of hand raking and using a back pack leaf blower. In most situations leaf clean-ups will consist of two visits, one visit after half the leaves have fallen and one final visit after the trees have dropped all their leaves. Scheduling of these visits is season dependent due to fluctuation in seasonal weather trends.

Fall Garden Clean-ups

The Fall Garden Clean-up includes: 

Cutting back perennials

Cultivating the soil (if mulch is absent) 

Removal of weeds

Pruning of ornamental shrubs and small trees 

Removal of leaves from garden beds

Removal of any debris/garbage from garden beds

Burlap Winter Shrub Protection

Burlap Winter Protection can be applied to borderline hardy/sensitive shrubs. This service would be done in late Fall and includes the cost of materials and labour.