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Your one stop shop for Total Backyard Living has just what you need to start, finish, or maintain a backyard project. Open to contractors and homeowners alike, our store stocks a large variety of products and manufacturers to help bring you the backyard of your dreams. We specialize in landscaping material to bring you an outdoor oasis with products ideal for our climate and tough Canadian winters.


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Screened Topsoil:

Give your plants their best chance in soil with the fewest obstacles. Screened topsoil means that a large portion of unnecessary particles are removed, leaving behind soil that is easily navigable for plant roots.  

Triple mix soil:

A topsoil blend of compost, sandy soil and black loam. This combination is sterilized to ensure it is weed-free and it has the nutrients necessary to promote growth.

Topdressing soil:

Ideal for topdressing lawns, vegetable gardens and flower beds, Great all-purpose growing soil, Can be used for planting trees and shrubs

Armour stone:

Makes a great hardscape accent. If you’re looking for a natural decorative material for your garden or entryway, this is an ideal choice. Excellent for retaining walls, step grading, driveway and pool edging, you can create a soothing natural retreat to relax with family or entertain guests.

Mushroom Compost:

Working compost into your garden improves soil texture and drainage and adds nutrients to the soil. If used as a mulch, compost also controls weeds and helps the soil retain water during dry weather. Mushroom compost is a nutrient-filled blend of straw, peat, gypsum and other organic products.

Cedar Mulch:

Controls weeds in landscape beds and diminishes soil erosion. Its naturally insect resistant composition helps retain moisture in the soil to promote plant growth. Cedar mulch is Mulch and Soil Council certified for a guaranteed beneficial product to accentuate your landscape.

Red or Chocolate Brown Algonquin Mulch:

Used to retain soil moisture, regulate soil temperature, suppress weed growth, and for aesthetics. They are applied to the soil surface, around trees, paths, flower beds, to prevent soil erosion on slopes, and in production areas for flower and vegetable crops.

3/4" Clear Stone:

A base layer and back fill product as facilitates excellent drainage

Granular A:

Base layers serve a variety of purposes, including reducing the stress applied to the sub grade layer and providing drainage for the pavement structure. The granular base layer is directly below the pavement surface and acts as the load bearing and strengthening component of the pavement structure. It also protects the structure from frost.

River Wash:

Used instead of gravel for a variety of landscaping needs including pathways and drainage areas where you want to have a more aesthetically pleasing

Stone Dust:

Stone dust is a byproduct of crushing stone for other purposes. Its use as a base material for patios has fallen out of favor among some landscaping companies because the dust can be fine enough to hold water, which can damage paving materials during the freeze and thaw cycle.

Washed Concrete Sand:

It is most commonly used to as a key ingredient in cement or hot asphalt but can also be used as pipe sand or as a base layer and leveling medium for above ground pools, and patios or walkways made of concrete paving stones.


Grass and the part of the soil beneath it held together by its roots or another piece of thin material. Used for a variety of landscaping needs, including lawn and backyard revitalization.


Do you require equipment for excavation or other yard projects? We rent skid steers, tractors, excavators and backhoes all with an experienced and insured operator.


We haul and dispose of your clean-fill, garbage, junk and other waste. We can also deliver any of your landscape products directly to your site. Bins are available in 12 yard (our most popular), 15 yard, 20 yard and 30 yard quantities. Without a doubt, we are “neighborhood” friendly service, respecting those living next doors. Our drivers are specially trained to provide customized customer service to ensure the best experience.

Trust the Local touch. Some bin rental companies are actually only middle men. They take your order and then source it out to the lowest bidder. That's the case when you go to a "big box store" to rent a bin. If you're not communicating directly with the bin service that's going to supply your bin, there is a greater chance of miscommunication and poor bin service. There's nothing more frustrating than planning a job for Friday and having the bin show up on Monday. We’ll help you decide on the right size bin for your job and give you an upfront estimate to get your project rolling asap. 

Equipment and Bin Rental Terms and Conditions

Once placed, the bin must not be moved unless moved by Impressions Group Ottawa. The Customer shall not over load beyond edge of the bin. Failing to comply may lead to additional charges, time delays and the requirement for an additional bin. The Customer shall be liable for any damage or loss sustained in respect of the equipment delivered, including fire damage or damage caused by other parties.

Additional Fees: Please note if any of the following products are placed in the bin additional fees will apply: 



Toxic Materials






Oil Drums



Food Items


Oil Tanks

Flammable Liquids


Pressurized Tanks

Electronic Equipment

If for any reason Impressions cannot pick up our bin and we have to make another trip to the site, there will be a $50.00 dry run fee automatically charged to your credit card. All bins supplied remain the property of Impressions Group Ottawa. By entering into contract to rent the bin the Customer gives Impressions Group Ottawa authority to take any necessary steps to enter your premises/property to reclaim our bins. All payments must be made at the time of order unless otherwise agreed. Failure to pay any account, current or subsequent, will result in debt collection costs charged to you. Equipment rental hourly costs will be rounded up to the next quarter hour. The customer acknowledges that dump fees / tipping fees are in addition to the cost of the rental. Dump fees will be charged upon disposal to the credit card supplied at the time of order. The customer hereby authorizes Impressions Group Ottawa to process dump fees on the credit card supplied at the time of order. Payment is due upon receipt of service. Outstanding accounts past thirty (30) days will be charged at the rate of 1.5% per month (compounded). Impressions Group Ottawa shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from waste removal services on either public or private property during the usual course of business operations, and no claim may be made against Impressions Group Ottawa for any damages, including but not limited to driveways, walkways, gardens, shrubs, trees and underground services such as cables, drainage, and telephone wires. Impressions Group Ottawa reserves the right to charge back to the customer any handling charges related to overfilled bins and the disposal of unpermitted materials listed website.